Pikchur Tv holds a star-studded Purple Carpet premiere for “Phaatak”

Pikchur Tv held a Purple Carpet premiere in a star-studded affair with the likes of Amna Ilyas, Saleem Miraj, Sarmad Khoosat, Reshum, Samiya Mumtaz, and Syed Noor attending the event.

Younger viewers who lack representation on Tv shows, are the target audience for Pikchur Tv, a video streaming platform founded by youngsters Saihaam Khan and Maaz Khan Alvi.

According to Co-founder- Maaz, “We aim to provide a platform for younger people. These people have no place to showcase their talents. We work with them collaboratively and allow for creative freedom.”

As under 30s, who make up around 63% of Pakistan’s population struggle to find comparable material in the mainstream media, Pikchur aims to bridge the gap between the youth and cinema.

Reliability and accessibility are Pikchur Tv’s major priorities. Younger writers, directors, producers, and cinematographers are also expected to benefit from it by having a platform.

Phaatak, the much awaited series features the life of Mani who is at the crossroads with the rest of the world after he gets caught by the police and they decide to manipulate him to sell for them. Now Mani has to figure out how to escape their clutches.

Sikandar Vincent Khan is the series’s director, while Zayan Agha is its producer. Sarmad Aftab Jadraan, Amna Ilyas, Saleem Mairaj, Sohail Sameer, Nayyar Ejaz, Saad Naseem, and Rubab Ali are among the leading cast members of Phaatak.

The major topic of Phaatak was chosen to represent the dark and bitter aspect of our society, which everyone attempts to conceal behind drapes or push under the rug like it is nobody’s business Phaatak takes a risk by exposing several widely held misconceptions that are yet unspoken about in Pakistan.

According to the Co-founder Saihaam, “ We have tried to shift narratives from the household to out of the house. There is a whole world outside the main gate of the house and we need to discuss such topics. Representation matters and we have tried to create a show that is relatable and accessible.”

Not only the younger generation, but Phaatak leads its viewers to the root cause of such notions, which are now gradually covering a larger proportion of the Pakistani Society. Phaatak is a bag of rainbow-colored candies because it talks about the blues, the reds, and the greens of the Pakistani generation and society.

At first glance, Mani might appear to be the lead character, but every character in Phaatak tells a different tale. A tale to which most of the Pakistani generation could relate. Unlike most Tv series, nothing in Phaatak would seem superficial and fictitious because the main theme of Phaatak carries essence taken straight from the bones of contemporary Pakistani society. If not the entire society, but surely a big part of it speaks the language similar to Phaatak’s theme.

“Pikchur Tv is not about us, it’s about all of us.
Yes, I was happy to be casted as the lead character but what made me more excited was to be a part of the vision. Our respected founders already knew how teamwork makes the dream work so they didn’t ask everyone to sing the same note. Pikchur Tv has opened the doors for everyone with a new sense and art of storytelling. Since “PHAATAK” is out now, Pikchur Tv is unstoppable so I ask everyone to sign up and enjoy the new era of entertainment.”, says Mani a.k.a Samed Aftab Jadraan.

The slogan of Phaatak is nothing glamorous and fancy but relatable and realistic. The directors and producers of Phaatak promised to take a deep dive into the dark sea in order to reveal surprising truths and unexpected notions and practices. The war is against the longstanding taboos in Pakistan, which are doing more damage by being hidden than they would do if they came out in the open.
All five episodes of Phaatak are free to watch and are available in Urdu, Punjabi, and Pushto.

Viewers can watch Phaatak on the Pikchur Tv apps and website. Their second webseries “Khoj” is also set to launch in early August.

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