PFUJ holds journalists’ convention in Sukkur

SUKKUR: The journalists’ convention was organized by the Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists at the Sukkur Press Club on Friday.

The convention rejected the PMDA and the journalists announced to participate in the long march of the PFUJ. The convention was attended by the PPP MNA Dr Nafisa Shah, Special Assistant to the Sindh Arsalan Islam Shaikh, Vice President of PFUJ Lala Asad Pathan, President Sukkur Union of Journalists Saleem Sehto, the former President of PFUJ Afzal Butt, President of PFUJ Shahzada Zulfiqar and others.

Addressing the occasion, MNA Dr Nafisa Shah said that the PPP believes in the freedom of media and it will never compromise on the rights of the journalists.

She accused the federal government of taking steps to suppress the voice of the media which can never be tolerated. She assured the journalists that the PPP will fully support them if the long march is taken by them. The Special Assistant to the Sindh CM Arsalan Islam Shaikh said that the PPP stands with the free and vibrant media in every condition.

PFUJ President Saleeh Sehto said that the PMDA is being imposed against the freedom of media which will never be accepted by the journalists. It is worth mentioning that the leaders of different political, social and religious organizations also attended the journalists’ convention in large number. they assured the journalists of their full support for their rights.

On the occasion, General Secretary of Sukkur Union of Journalists Javed Jatoi, President of SUJ Nasrullah Waseer, President of Khairpur Press Club Khan Muhammad Khan, Sarkash Sadhayo, Agha Israr, Moosa Baloch, Dilip Thakur, Rana Sher Muhammad, Sehrish Khokhar, Aijaz Baloch, SAS Secretary Paryal Dayo, President of Chamber of Commerce Malik Rizwan, social activist Shaista Khoso, Chairman of Pakistan Cable Association Irfan Khoso, Prof Sajid Soomro and others were also present. 

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