Pashtun National Jirga Bannu Issues its 25 points charter of Demands

BANNU: The Pashtoon leader Mehmood Khan Achakzai convened a jirga in Bannu On 11, 12, 13 march to raise the issue of Pashtun areas and invited people from different walks of life to come together and discuss issues.

13th march was the last day of the said jirga but, then it extended to 14th march, today the leader of PKmap Mehmood Khan Achackzai issues the final declaration of Pashtun National Jirga. Here are some demands of Pashtuns National Jirga.

Pashtun National Jirga asks demine our motherland, Pashto should be education, govt and affairs language, we ask the preservation of all our mother languages spoken across Pashtunkhwa motherland.

Pashtun National Jirga asks women/girls should be equal to men in all walks of life, there shouldn’t be any restrictions on women’s rights, women empowerment through education, health, job shouldn’t be compromised anymore.

Pashtun National Jirga reject the fake 2017 census and ask new census as per the UN census rules.

Pashtun National Jirga asked Senate of the country should be given the National Assembly equal status in all affairs.

Pashtun National Jirga asks a revisit and reform of the 1991 water accord, and the use of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa over the Indus water should be given priority where our people will utilize own water.

Pashtun National Jirga asks the stealing of Indus water from our people in the name of Ghazibhrotha project, it should come to an end and our people right over their water should get accepted.

Pashtun National Jirga asks an end of the enforced disappearances, the missing ones should get to the courts.

Pashtun National Jirga asks an end to illegal checkpoints, restoration and support of IDPs back to their villages and homes.

Pashtun National Jirga asks an end to bans and restrictions on the political process, state should release Aliwazir, Hanif, Owais and others illegally detained these include the illegally arrested Qazi Tahir Mehsud.

Pashtun National Jirga asks the construction of Chashma canal on emergency basis.

Pashtun National Jirga asks that the Pashtun culture, arts, history paused through extremism imposition and an end to the Pashtun racial profiling by the media must come to an end.

Pashtun National Jirga demands tobacco should be considered as an agricultural product.

Pashtun National Jirga asks action in aid should come to an end in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Pashtun National Jirga asks the payment of royalty over water, gas and other resources to the provinces.

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