Pakistan’s ‘Archangel’ addresses the media amidst peak political instability

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s Intelligence Chief Lt Gen Nadeem Ahmed Anjum stunned journalists by arriving at a press conference being held by DG ISPR, Maj General Babar Iftikhar.

The Director General of the Inter-Services Intelligence said that he was present because various claims were being made against his institution and agency, which is why he felt it was necessary to speak up.

Both three-star generals took questions from various journalists in a press conference which has no precedent in Pakistani history.

Addressing the journalists, General Nadeem claimed that Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa was offered an indefinite extension by the power that could grant this, signalling to then Prime Minister Imran Khan.

DG ISPR, Maj General Babar Iftikhar said that ARY News owner who had facilitated Arshad Sharif’s departure from Pakistan should also come back to Pakistan and become a part of the investigation.

DG ISPR also explained the details of how ARY News Senior Vice President Ammad Yousaf and Salman Iqbal made plans to send Arshad Sharif abroad.

Arshad Sharif departed from Peshawar to Dubai under KP Government’s protocol in August this year.

Whilst the duo shared relevant information regarding journalist Arshad Sharif’s brutal murder in Kenya, General Nadeem held that a conclusive opinion could not be formed until the investigations were completed.

Responding to journalist Saleem Khan Safi’s questions, DGI held that he was not in a position to call any journalist a ‘Lifafa’ and that he was against such actions.

DGI said that he was a witness to how Pakistani journalists risked their lives to report the truth.

In the press conference, General Nadeem said that he would work according to his constitutionally defined role in Pakistan’s interest, not any individual’s interest.

General Nadeem confirmed clandestine meetings between Imran Khan and the Army Chief but questioned why Imran Khan met him when he claimed that General Bajwa was a traitor.

DGI also stated that it was every individuals rights to protest but that right also came with responsibilities enshrined in the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

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