Pakistani delegation visits Israel, photo released of meeting with President Ishaq Herzog, Pak Foreign Office denied the visit

ISLAMABAD: In the third week of September, a delegation of Pakistani citizens started their visit to Israel under the title of promoting peace, interfaith harmony and restoring Pakistan-Israel relations at the public level, during which these citizens were invited to Israel. Meetings have been held with religious, political and social leaders including historical places

According to sources, Sharaka, a prominent non-governmental organization of the United Arab Emirates, which works on public relations and restoration of relations between Israel and Arab states, made the arrangements for this visit.

Among the participants of this visit are Pakistanis living in the United States with dual citizenship, and a citizen from the United Arab Emirates and Karachi. Sabat Arif of Dubai-based private TV Geo News is included, while Imtiaz Mir of Sindhi private television Awaz TV, CC and Imtiaz Mir are also on the tour, mostly based in the US and Dubai. But the tour includes 7 Pakistani men and 2 women.

Sharaka, a non-governmental organization, shared a picture on its Twitter account on Friday and wrote:

“Honored our peace delegation of Pakistani and Pakistani-American journalists, religious and social leaders was warmly welcomed by President @Isaac_Herzog- a true leader who envisions warm peace between Israel and its neighbours near and far”

It should be noted that earlier in the second week of May, the same non-governmental organization Sharaka had taken a Pakistani delegation on a visit to Israel, where journalist Ahmed Qureshi associated with the Pakistani state TV was also present. After coming, the government of Pakistan fired him from the government TV

It should be noted that the Foreign Office of Pakistan has denied the visit of this recent Pakistani delegation to Israel in a statement on Thursday and said that the organization organizing the visit is foreign and the people involved in the visit are not Pakistanis but citizens of foreign countries.

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