Pakistan rejects the allegations made by the Afghan Vice President

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan on Friday rejected the allegations made by the Afghan Vice President.

According to the foreign office, the Afghan side conveyed to Pakistan its intention of carrying out air operations inside its territory opposite the Chaman Sector of Pakistan.

Pakistan responded positively to the Afghan Government’s right to act in its territory. Inspite of very close border operations normally not acceded to by internationally accepted norms/standards/procedures, Pakistan took necessary measures within its territory to safeguard our own troops and population.

“We acknowledge Afghan Government’s right to undertake actions on its sovereign territory.
However, as alleged by the Afghan Vice President, Pakistan Air Force never communicated anything to the Afghan Air Force. Such statements undermine Pakistan’s sincere efforts to play its part in an Afghan-owned and Afghan-led solution,” FO stated.

Pakistan lately rescued 40 ANDSF all ranks who fled to Pakistan and returned them to GIORA with respect and dignity, with a declared offer to ANDSF to provide all logistical support as requested. We remain committed to peace in Afghanistan and shall continue to endeavour towards this end irrespective of the detractors.

It is, however, important that at this critical juncture, all energies are focused on achieving an inclusive, broad-based and comprehensive political settlement in Afghanistan.

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