Pakistan launches anti-harassment hotline for transgender people

Pakistan has launched a hotline for transgender people in an effort to protect them from discrimination and harassment.

Salman Sufi, an adviser to Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif, revealed on Twitter that the hotline was live and ready to receive calls.

The calls would be directed to top police officers and the Ministry of Human Rights.

Meanwhile, Almas Bobby, a spokesperson for the Pakistani trans community, said trans people were “glad” the hotline had been set up but still expressed some frustration.

She said that in most instances of harassment, trans Pakistanis are either beaten, harangued or publicly arrested by the police.

She added: “How can we call on this hotline when our phones are snatched? When we are arrested like a robber from wedding parties where we have to perform and earn?

“Who harasses us the most? Yes, indeed, the police. And we will have to call the police to seek justice.”

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