‘Pakistan is like my mother’s lap’, Reham Khan on return to Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: Political activist Mohtarma Reham Khan has returned to Pakistan after living in the UK for the last several years.

In an exclusive conversation with The Pakistan Daily, Reham Khan said: “Pakistan is home, it is my mother’s lap. As promised I’ve returned to Pakistan. I belong to this land. This mitti is what I’m made of & to which I am committed.”

She stated that now her responsibilities towards her children were completed and her primary duty and main focus is towards her homeland.

“I have loved this land & these peoples with all my heart & pure intention. To watch from afar as the nation’s wealth, prosperity & sovereignty is jeopardised was unbearable for me. I am here to represent the pain of the ordinary Pakistani. Those who struggle to make ends meet because of uncontrollable inflation….those who have no access to clean water, health & educational opportunities,” Reham Khan said shortly after her return to Pakistan.

Mohtarma Reham Khan met with Pakistani hero, Abdul Qadeer Khan’s family for condolences as soon as she arrived in Pakistan.

Various people including journalists and activists welcomed Mohtarma Reham Khan on her much awaited return to Pakistan.

Reham Khan is amongst the most popular Pakistanis in the world with over 3 million followers of Twitter and appearances on CNN, BBC and various other international news outlets.

Various fans had been requesting Reham Khan to return to Pakistan and actively lead the movement against Prime Minister Imran Khan since she has been a vocal and effective critic of the new government.

Reham Khan said that she wanted to work on the grass roots level for the benefit of the poor masses of Pakistan.

“I want to work actively on the ground to not only protect the land that I love so much but also show the world why I love it so much. In England a creaking floor board would wake me up here I sleep like a log amid construction noise. It is home…it is my mother’s lap,” Reham Khan told The Pakistan Daily.

Reham Khan is known for her frank analysis on Pakistan’s contemporary affairs and is revered for her bold and undeviating stance against political engineering in Pakistan.

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