Pakistan gets major diplomatic victory against India in UNGA, says Ambassador Munir

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations Ambassador Munir Akram has said that Pakistan got a major diplomatic victory against India by including Hindutva ideology as a form of religious terrorism in the seventh review of the global counter-terrorism strategy, for which a resolution has been adopted by the UN General Assembly.

Ambassador Munir made these remarks while exclusively talking to The Nation Newspaper. 

Ambassador Munir was called for urgent consultations on the emerging foreign and security policy challenges by the leadership.

The Ambassador said that Indian tried its level best to stop the inclusion of Hindutva into the seventh review of the global counter-terrorism strategy but failed.

He said that first time due to the diplomatic efforts of Pakistan and the entire Muslim Ummah, Islamophobia has also been included in the seventh review of the global counter-terrorism strategy, which is indeed a great achievement for the entire Muslim world. “Islamophobia has become a global issue and after its inclusion into this strategy now states which are practising it practically will have to stop it”, Ambassador Munir Akram said.

About the Indian state terrorism in Pakistan, Ambassador Munir Akram said that Pakistan would expose Indian terrorism on all UN forums in the context of the Johar Town Lahore blast, which was carried by Indian RAW and evidence was made public by NSA Dr Moeed Yousaf in Islamabad on last weekend.

Regarding Afghanistan, he said that the United States completes its withdrawal from Afghanistan, Pakistan is very actively involved in trying to move the Afghan government and Taliban to resume talks for a political settlement of the conflict. 

Munir Akram said Pakistan had in the first instance facilitated talks between the United States and Taliban in Doha and then between the Afghan government and the Taliban in its efforts to promote a settlement that would bring the long-running war to an end.

He said the Doha process is not dead but it is in a sort of suspension following some controversies when the Biden administration decided to pull out US troops from Afghanistan without any conditions.

Referring to a report about a Taliban peace plan to be presented to the Afghan government, the Pakistani envoy said it is a good proposal on which negotiations could move forward.

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