Pak army soldiers chanted slogans with TLP miscreants to prevent chaotic situation

In a bizarre video, soldiers of the Pakistani army chanted slogans with the Tehreek e Labbaik Pakistan (TLP) protestors drawing criticism from various quarters who claimed that this was proof that elements within the army supported the miscreants.

However, sources from the highest echelons of the armed forces believe that the slogans were chanted to quell the tensions and to let the soldiers and army vehicle pass.

Heavy weaponry was present in the army vehicle and the situation could have evolved into chaos had the protestors turned violent.

It is in this context that the slogans should be interpreted, instead of making accusations against the armed forces according to sources privy to the developments on ground.

This view was reiterated by senior journalist, Moeed Pirzada who said: “No! It does not! Army convoy was returning from exercise area, this vehicle was caught in TLP protest, soldiers had heavy weapons & munitions; were told to use “presence of mind & common sense” and get out of the trouble spot. Watch for a soldier making way on ground.”

Earlier, a video showed a Sindh Ranger and TLP activists negotiating near Karachi Airport. The Ranger can be seen pleading with the protestors to stop blocking the road and take their protest to the side of the road.

Meanwhile, the daughter of the Human Rights Minister, Imaan Mazari mentioned that a brave and honest judge was still being punished for the Faizabad Dharna judgement.

In another shocking development, Abdullah Gul, son of the late Hamid Gul who served as DG ISI said that he would run a movement if Saad Rizvi was not released.

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