Ombudsperson orders dismissal of ZTBL Bank Manager from service in harassment case

ISLAMABAD: Federal Ombudsperson for Protection against Harassment of Women at Workplaces Kashmala Tariq ruled in the Agricultural Development Bank’s harassment case and ordered the reinstatement of the female official and the dismissal of the harassing manager.  

According to the details, in the decision, the Agricultural Development Bank Limited has been asked to dismiss the branch manager Tariq Mahmood within 7 days and restore the affected female officer Shazia Munir to the job with all the privileges besides forming an anti-harassment committee in the institution.

The federal ombudsman also order to install a biometric attendance machine in Bank and the bank management was also directed to submit the implementation report to the federal ombudsman. 

The federal ombudsman also imposed a fine of Rs 5 lakh on the manager of the bank’s Gujranwala branch, which will be paid to the woman. 

While speaking to The Pakistan Daily, Barrister Hassaan Khan Niazi, who was the counsel of the victim, said, “It’s a win for all the females who work day and night for their living and have to face harassment at workplace every day.”

Meanwhile, the victim thanked Allah for the decision in her favour and advised all the girls to raise their voices against harassment. 

The woman said that in the area where she belongs, the girls do not even raise their voices, their area is full of such beasts and the superior officers harass the subordinate girls. However, they came forward and such women Become a voice. 

Raja Furqan Ahmed

Raja Furqan Ahmed is the News Editor of The Pakistan Daily.

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