Occupants of ‘Black Vigo’ ask Hassaan Niazi to stop tweeting 

LAHORE: Barrister Hassaan Niazi was stopped by a Black Vigo on Sherpao Bridge in Lahore and asked to “stop tweeting”. 

Niazi, who is the nephew of Prime Minister Imran Khan and the Chairman’s Focal Person on Legal Affairs took to Twitter to report the incident. 

“Finally got hold of the famous “black Vigo. They tried to stop me but I stopped them myself. They tried to give warning but told them next I’ll give befitting response. Called their superior as well. They said their ‘boss’ wants me to stop tweets. Told them over my dead body,” Hassaan tweeted shortly after the incident. 

Hassaan Niazi is known to be the most vocal supporter of Prime Minister and is also the founder of the Insaf Students Federation (ISF). 

In an exclusive conversation with The Pakistan Daily, Niazi affirmed his resolve to continue tweeting. 

“Not scared of anything. Tweets shall continue like the do,” Niazi told The Pakistan Daily

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