Not afraid of jail, will hold elections by force: Imran Khan

TAXILA: Former Prime Minister and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) supremo Imran Khan on Sunday rebuffed a claim of the government over the disappearance of the cypher, saying that the government is pretending that the cypher is lost while the original copy is in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Addressing a public rally in Taxila, the former PM said he showed the cypher to the whole nation, and the message was clear in it to oust Imran Khan’s government, adding that he took the matter to the Assembly and before the National Security Committee.

“Now a new drama is happening that the cypher has disappeared because they all wanted not to the public it . The original copy of the cypher is in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs,” Imran added.

The PTI chairman added that the incumbent government sent the police to his house for the second time, adding that put him in jail instead of threatening “In this country the real freedom movement has started and I am not afraid of your unknown calls because I have faith in Allah and I will not bow to anyone,” Imran said.

Imran Khan said runaway inflation is the gift by the ‘imported government’, adding people at the helm only want to get clean chit in corruption cases by tweaking anti-corruption laws.

PTI chairman said that Pakistan would become a haven of white-collar crime after recent amendments in NAB laws.

He added that the law now could only catch small thieves as he quoted a Hadith by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) indicating that injustice destroys a society.

The former prime minister said that the ‘neutrals’ – who had the power to stop the ‘foreign conspiracy’ against his government – will not be forgiven by the people.

He said that the entire nation looked up to the people and institutions who held ‘actual power’ but it was disappointed.

Imran called Finance Minister Ishaq Dar as the ‘greatest coward’ he has seen.

He claimed that a man as coward as Dar would never return to the country without a ‘deal’ and assurance by the powers that be.

He also highlighted the audio leak of Maryam Nawaz seeking import of machinery from India for her son-in-law.

PTI chief also questioned judiciary for acquitting Maryam Nawaz in Avenfield reference case despite members of the Sharif family owning it on multiple occasions.

Ex-PM claimed that the chief election commissioner was a tout of PML-N whose only job is to find ways for rigging as PTI’s opponents cannot defeat them in the electoral ground.

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