Noor Mukadam’s GoFundMe ends after raising almost $50,000

ISLAMABAD: A GoFundMe campaign raising money for Noor Mukadam’s legal expenses has closed down after raising $49,843 equivalent of 8.1 million PKR.

The fundraiser had been arranged by Tariq Ghaffar, a husband of one of Noor’s cousins according to Tom Hussain who is a family friend of the Mukadam family.

I can confirm that the person managing the fund, Tariq Ghaffar, is the husband of Noor’s cousin and that he is acting on behalf of the family. https://t.co/yLynfqf6F0— Tom Hussain (@tomthehack) July 28, 2021

“As friends of Noor and friends of her family, we cannot watch her life flicker out without getting justice. Zahir Jaffar comes from an extremely well-connected and wealthy family. He and his parents have already secured legal representation from the best lawyers in the city, and they have the resources to fight this battle endlessly. We, as friends of Noor, are launching this campaign so that as her family grieves their beautiful daughter, they do not have to carry the additional burden of worrying about how they will afford the legal representation they need for bringing Noor’s killer to justice,” the fundraiser states.

It added: “Going by past experience, this will likely be a lengthy process, spread over multiple stages of litigation. Our total has been calculated to account for all of this, and all proceeds raised through this platform will be used to directly fight Noor’s case.”

The fundraiser added that if any funds remained, they would be donated to aid victims of domestic violence.

After some criticism regarding the fund, it was closed down before it reached its stated goal of raising $120,000.

Twitter account JusticeForNoor which is managed Noor Mukadam’s legal team confirmed that the donations for the fund had been stopped.

“Indeed, many contingencies may arise in the future. This fund will provide invaluable support to that end. As we did not choose the initial amount, we feel the current amount is very generous, and sufficient. Thus, we have asked that the fund be discontinued at this point,” Justice For Noor stated.

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