Noor Mukadam’s murderer Zahir Jaffer planned to flee to the US

ISLAMABAD: The daughter of Shaukat Mukadam, Pakistan’s former Ambassador to South Korea was brutally murdered in a house in the F-7/4 Sector of Islamabad by Zahir Jaffer, a US national who planned to flee to the US shortly after this horrendous act.

Noor Mukadam, 27, knew her alleged murderer Zahir Jaffer, who worked as a psychotherapist from before and had spent some time with him leading up to the murder. Zahir Jaffer has been alleged to have beheaded the former Ambassador’s daughter in his home after a fight gone wrong.

Sources have claimed that Zahir Jaffer was also under the influence of hard drugs during this incident.

In a statement on Twitter, Islamabad Police confirmed that Zahir Jaffer had been arrested in connection to the murder.

Zahir Jaffer bound by bedsheets after murdering Noor.

Shortly after the arrest, Zahir Jaffer’s family began to claim that their son was mentally ill and thus needed urgent treatment abroad.

This was considered as an attempt to obstruct justice since Zahir Jaffer was playing an integral role in his family business, as confirmed by their website.

Source: ajcl.co

Zahir Jaffer, who the family now claims is mentally disturbed currently serves as the Chief Brand Strategist Ahmed Jaffer & Company Pvt Ltd. The professional qualifications and responsibilities of Zahir Jaffer however reflect that a mentally disabled person could not serve as the Chief Brand Strategist for a multi-million dollar empire.

Another disturbing detail was revealed by psycho-therapist Maheen Ghani who said that Zahir Jaffer had been working as a therapist for Therapy Works, an organisation where his mother is also alleged to work in a senior role.

Therapy Works confirmed that Zahir had registered to their programmes but claimed that he had never taken any session on their premises.

This claim was refuted by multiple users on Twitter who claimed to have taken therapy sessions from Zahir in Therapy Works’ premises.

Tom Hussain, a family friend of Noor Mukadam confirmed that a police investigation showed that Zahir Jaffer had planned to leave for the US from Islamabad on 21/07/2021.

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