No more fencing allowed on Durand Line, says Taliban

Kabul: The Taliban official said that the group will not allow fencing on the Durand Line that forms the Afghanistan–Pakistan border.

Commander of the border forces for the eastern zone, Mawllawi Sanaullah Sangin, told TOLOnews that “We will not allow the fencing anytime, in any form. Whatever they did before, they did, but we will not allow it anymore. There will be no fencing anymore.”

Commander Sanaullah Sangin also said that the Pakistan military has been launching attacks on Kunar province for a long time and the Afghan side would take similar actions from now on.

“You have seen some days ago that they (Pakistani military) fired some mortars. In response, we fired 32 mortar rounds,” he claimed. 

Mawllawi Sanaullah made the comments in reaction to the Pakistan foreign minister’s remarks who said that the issue of the Durand Line fencing would be discussed via diplomatic channels.

“We have fenced the border (with Afghanistan), and it will continue,” FM Shah Mahmood Qureshi said in response to a question. 

Meanwhile, a spokesman for the Afghanistan Foreign Ministry, Abdul Qahar Balkhi, said that the Islamic Emirate “believes in addressing problems through understanding, talks and good neighbourliness.”

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