No-confidence motion against CM Kamal tabled in Balochistan Assembly

QUETTA: Disgruntled members of the Balochistan Awami Party (BAP) and the opposition tabled a no-confidence motion against Chief Minister Jam Kamal Khan in the provincial assembly on Wednesday.

According to the report, Food Minister Abdul Rehman Khetran presented the no-confidence motion before the assembly. Of the 65 lawmakers present in the assembly, 33 backed the motion.

Khetran demanded the release of five “missing” parliamentarians and advised the chief minister to step down.

He said that the performance of government institutions has been negatively affected during the Kamal’s three-year tenure while unemployment has also spread.

He alleged that Alyani has taken care of important provincial matters without consultation which has caused “irreparable damage”.

He said that lawmakers have tried to inform the CM about the damage being caused, but he paid no heed.

He noted that many people in the province, including bureaucrats, doctors, students and landowners, have taken to the streets in protest of the government’s “bad governance”.

Leader of the Opposition in Balochistan Assembly Malik Sikandar Advocate, while expressing his views, said that people are facing a shortage of gas in certain areas during the winter months.

“When the chief executive will not pay attention to this or the people dying due to the cold, then how will the people trust the leadership?”

He said that the people’s lives and property are not safe and citizens have to protest with the dead bodies of their loved ones outside the CM House in order to urge Alyani to take action.

He said that the parents in the province pray for their children’s safe return when they leave their homes, as the government is not protecting the people. He concluded by saying that Alyani does not have the right to be the province’s chief executive.

Prior to the assembly session, Kamal spoke to the media and said that he is confident of the outcome of the no-trust motion, adding that the opposition wants to create discord among government members.

Praising his rule as the chief minister of the province, Kamal said that he has “worked hard to establish peace and harmony in the province,” therefore, he would not let the opposition spoil the accomplishment.

He said that the disgruntled members will present their arguments against me today [Wednesday], while the speaker of the assembly will decide a date for the actual voting to take place.

“We are confident that the reality will be revealed on the polling day,” Kamal said.

“We have come here to serve and shall till the last day. Kindly carry on your games,” he added.

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