No chance of bringing back Nawaz Sharif from London through extradition request: Sheikh Rashid

By Abdullah Zahid.

In complete contrast to the claims made by other members of the PTI government, Federal Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid on Friday remarked that only Allah would bring Nawaz Sharif and Ishaq Dar back from London.

He refrained from bringing Nawaz Sharif back home and said “there’s no chance of bringing back Nawaz Sharif from London through extradition request as there’s no extradition treaty,” Rashid remarked.

“We could not bring back Ishaq Dar despite [our] efforts then how [we] will bring back Nawaz Sharif,” Rasheed told a media briefing on Friday.

“Now, only Allah can bring them back,” he said while speaking of the former chief executive of the country, Nawaz, and his finance minister, Dar.

Sheikh Rasheed was talking to media persons outside the NADRA headquarters in Islamabad after his first visit to the office where he attended a briefing.

Responding to different questions, he opined that the Pakistan Democratic Movement [PDM] would participate in the Senate elections. If not, by-elections were to be held in the constituencies vacated by the opposition, the minister vowed.

According to Sheikh, the opposition will surely not miss the Senate polls because they know that Prime Minister Imran Khan, by gaining a majority, is going to introduce tough laws against the corrupt who won’t find space after that.

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