Nine drown as Rickshaw plunges into water canal in Thatta

THATTA: Around 9 people of a single family including 3 women and a minor girl drowned after a speeding Rickshaw plunged into the K.D water canal near Haleji lake Thatta on Thursday.

According to reports the overspeeding Rikshaw spun out of its driver’s control and plunged into a roadside water canal. local divers of nearby villages managed to rescue 4 people however the search was on for the remaining 5 who were feared to have drowned. The victims belonged to the Bagheri community.

Upon getting the information, the area police also reached there. The victims were identified as Deenu, Laila, Rama, and Heema. Relatives of the victim told that one of the victims Pooja, 19 whose body was still missing was to marry her cousin tomorrow and they were on their way to perform a pre-marriage ritual.

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