Netanyahu set to form new Israeli government, exit polls show

TEL AVIV: Exit polls by three mainstream Israeli tv channels reveal that Benjamin Netanyahu will be able to form the next government with a coalition comprising 61-62 MPs.

This will mark a return to an ultra-far-right government in Israel, marked by religious undertones after over three years of a political impasse.

The results are not final, and the count may change as votes are tallied during the counting.

This is the fifth election in Israel since 2019, reflecting an ongoing political deadlock in the country.

Voter turnout stood at 66.3% for this election.

According to the exit polls, Netanyahu’s Likud is set to win 30 seats, compared to frontrunner Yesh Atid with 22 seats.

Yesh Atid is the country’s liberal party founded by Yair Lapid.

Benjamin Netanyahu who is set to return as the country’s prime minister again is currently undergoing a massive corruption trial.

Whilst Pakistan and Israel do not share diplomatic relations, there have been leaps and bounds of progress in the bilateral relationship as several groups of Pakistanis have travelled to Israel on their Pakistani passports this year.

It is unclear how a new far-right government in Israel will influence the Abraham Accords, particularly Israel and Pakistan’s growing diplomatic strides.

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