Nepotism Galore: President Arif Alvi facilitates son’s multi million dollar business deal

ISLAMABAD: Allegations of nepotism and conflict of interest have surrounded President Arif Alvi after he openly facilitated his son Awab Alvi’s private business deal in Governor House Sindh.

Awab Alvi took to Twitter to announce an MoU between his family’s company Alvi Dental and Bringing Smiles USA to open a chain of dental practices in Pakistan.

The picture showed the President of Pakistan, who had resigned from Alvi Dental when assuming the presidency standing behind his son and a representative of Bringing Smiles USA reflecting that he was facilitating the deal.

Further allegations of conflict of interest were made when it was revealed that the event was held in Karachi’s Governor House, a property owned by the government which is usually not used for the benefit of private businesses.

Twitterati criticised Awab Alvi for boasting about his multi-million dollar deals on Twitter as the people of Pakistan face rising inflation and are unable to buy basic commodities.

Responding to critics, Awab Alvi who has seen his business exponentially ever since his father assumed the presidency wrote: “The President resigned from Alvi Dental when he became President. This venture is between me & my Pakistani US diaspora dentist-alumnus friend President encourages all startups much smaller than ours & is on record to have hosted a startup in dentistry at Presidency last yr ..”

Awab also stated that he could have avoided the venue of Governor House which was chosen for security reasons however he said that if there were any catering expenses they were paid by him personally.

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