Nepotism Alert: Health Minister’s daughter gets big health job

LAHORE: Dr Yasmin Rashid’s daughter, Dr Ayesha Ali has been made in charge of a newly created department at King Edward Medical University, drawing criticisms from various quarters as Dr Yasim Rashid currently serves as Health Minister Punjab.

Young doctors protested against the Punjab government’s decision to bring Mayo Hospital under the Medical Teaching Institutions Act but their protests did not alter the change.

Appointment letter of Dr Yasmin Rashid’s daughter’s appointment.

Urging the government to review this decision, the protestors claimed that Dr Ayesha Ali was accommodated simply because she was the daughter of the current health minister of the province.

Dr Ayesha Ali was selected for a BPS-19 post of fetal medicine assistant professor by the KEMU selection board.

However, the Dean of surgery Prof Dr Asad Aslam Khan, who also serves as the chief executive of Mayo Hospital, rejected the allegations of nepotism, stating that all legal procedures were followed while filling the post. “Dr Ayesha Ali was the most qualified and experienced person as was required in the advertised post out of all who applied for it,” he claimed.

In fact, he added, no other candidate fulfilled the required qualifications.

“This candidate is working in the UK and getting a handsome salary there,” Prof Khan said, adding that her decision and intension to return to the country and establish a modern subspecialty in gynae and obstetrics should be commended.

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