Nawaz Sharif takes on General Bajwa, Faiz whilst ‘rejecting’ Karachi incident report

LONDON/SWAT: Taking on the military establishment head-on, former prime minister Mian Nawaz Sharif said that he would never have spoken aggressively if the people of Pakistan weren’t dragged into an unending cycle of poverty and helplessness under Imran Khan’s government.

“I’m not upset about what happened to me and my family but I can’t accept what happened to the people of Pakistan under this incompetent regime,” Nawaz said.

Pinning the blame of the various problems of Pakistan including inflation and unemployment on his opponents, Nawaz Sharif asked the charged crowd in Swat who he should blame for the crises of Pakistan.

“General Bajwa, General Faiz, please answer, why did you do this to Pakistan? Why did you bring Pakistan to the brink of destruction? They say, why does Nawaz Sharif take our names, my friends In Swat, tell me, whose name should I take?”

Nawaz Sharif clarified that he could not pin the blame of lawlessness of a few men on the entire armed forces.

“Why should I do that? I will not do it,” Nawaz said.

Taking another jibe at COAS Qamar Bajwa and DG ISI General Faiz, “You made a JIT according to your wishes, got your desired decisions as well, removed me from Prime Ministership, put me and my family in jail, assassinated our characters in the media, if the situation stayed till here then I would have never said anything but after bringing the Pakistani people to poverty and joblessness, someone will have to answer.”

“What was the fault of the people? Why were they punished if I was talking about civilian supremacy and rule of law under the constitution?” Nawaz said, upping the ante in his fight against the military establishment.

Rejecting General Bajwa’s report on the Karachi incident, the former premier said, “IG Sindh was kidnapped in the middle of the night, he was ordered to launch an illegal FIR. Maryam’s door was broken and Safdar was arrested. This was so shameful.

“Now a press release has been issued saying that the inquiry has been completed and the responsible people have been removed. I say that there is a state above a state. Has Karachi’s incident not proven my narrative as true?”

“Is registering an FIR the job of rangers? If the police refuse to launch an illegal FIR, does any institution have the right to kidnap the IG, can this happen in any country?”

Nawaz Sharif said that General Bajwa’s report wasn’t a report but a press release. “They say emotions were flared due to the incident at Quaid’s grave, if you respect him, then respect his principles as well. Why don’t emotions flare when democracy is attacked? Why don’t the emotions of these officers flare when democratically elected Prime Ministers are arrested in PM house?

“Do our emotions have no value? Some people’s emotions flare and people are kidnapped. Some general’s emotions flare and he arrests the PM.”

“Someone gets angry and kidnaps a journalist.”

Nawaz Sharif further added that General Bajwa’s report had embarrassed Pakistan Army across the world. “You are telling the world that our officers are so unprofessional that they can do anything if their emotions flare up without considering their oaths, the respect of the army or any chain of command.”

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