Nawaz Sharif says elections might be held in the next few months

LONDON: Addressing reporters outside his office in Stanhope House, Mian Nawaz Sharif said that perhaps general elections could be held in the next few months, given the present circumstances of Pakistan.

Nawaz Sharif further reiterated that his workers were prepared for the elections.

Earlier, Former Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif said that the entire nation witnessed how the Daska election was stolen from the people of Pakistan.

In a video message released on his Twitter, Facebook and other social media handles, the PML-N supremo said: “There was firing outside polling stations, innocent people were martyred. People’s blood was shed just to steal the election. All of this happened in the light of day.”

“20 presiding officers mocked the law and disappeared or were disappeared with their consent with boxes of votes,” Mian Nawaz Sharif said.

The PML-N has demanded a reelection in NA 75, Daska, after video evidence of rigging came forth. Prime Minister Imran Khan also agreed to re-polling in 20 polling stations after pressure from the opposition.

Nawaz Sharif stated the irregularities witnessed in the election, where the turnout was around 35%, however, in the suspected polling stations, the rate was around 85%.

“Was that election happening somewhere else, or was it happening in Daska? This is not one incident, this has exposed the vote stealing in the 2018 elections,” the former premier said.

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