Nawaz Sharif comes out in support of Islamabad protestors

LONDON: Former Prime Minister, Mian Nawaz Sharif has come out in support of the government employees who are protesting against the government in Islamabad.

Taking to Twitter, the PML-N supremo said: “For the last two and a half years, the elected incompetent government has been breaking down the mountains of inflation on the people. It is not taking the name of stopping inflation but instead of putting ointment on the wounds of the employees, the government is raining sticks on them. Will Imran Khan and the generals who imposed it respond?.”

Hundreds of government employees protested in Islamabad against the lack of increases in salaries despite extreme inflation in the country.

Protestors were met with excessive tear gas and many were arrested.

A user on Twitter commented: “Chaotic traffic jam due to blockade of #Srinagar Highway leading to M2. While one respects the right to peaceful protest. The protestors should also respect the right of fellow citizens to use the road. #government employees #Protest for salary increase #Islamabad.”

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