Nabeel Gabol shocks Mohtarma Reham Khan with another proposal

LONDON/KARACHI: Senior Pakistan People’s Party leader (PPP), Nabil Gabol who once publicly proposed marriage to Mohtarma Reham Khan has presented a new proposal to the lady, asking her to join the PPP.

This proposal went viral on social media with users speculating whether Prime Minister Imran Khan’s ex wife would join the PPP and actively participate in politics.

PPP social media activists began to congratulate Mohtarma Reham Khan sahiba despite the fact that no formal announcement has been made.

In an exclusive conversation with The Pakistan Daily, Reham Khan said: “It’s very flattering that Mr Gabol thinks I will be an asset to the PPP. It’s strange that people who know me only through public appearances hold me on such high regard & can recognise my patriotism while some who knew me very closely chose to malign me with accusations of being an Mi6 agent or part of a London plan.”

The ex wife of Prime Minister Imran Khan said she was humbled by the offer but did not confirm or deny the rumours which have spread like wildfire on social and digital media.

Adding to the rumour mill, Reham Khan’s personal secretary, Mr Bilal Azmat retweeted someone who speculated that Mohtarma Reham will join the PPP, hinting towards Reham’s journey in the PPP.

Mohtarma Reham Khan has worked as a senior broadcast journalist for the BBC and various other platforms in Pakistan but after her marriage and subsequent divorce with Prime Minister Imran Khan, she has focused more on politics.

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