MQM-P, GDA to support PTI in Senate Elections

ISLAMABAD: MQM-P, GDA, PML-Q and the BAP have assured PTI of their support in the upcoming Senate elections.

In a press conference held late at night on Monday, PTI’s allies reiterated their support for the ruling party whilst speaking to the media at the residence of Zubaida Jalal, who also serves as the Minister for Defence Production.

PTI’s Islamabad candidate for the Senate elections, Abdul Hafeez Sheikh, who also serves as the Finance Minister, addressed the press conference as well.

Hafeez Shaikh said: “We want the members of [national and provincial] assemblies to live up to the aspirations of the people.”

“We (government and its allies) all stand united,” he added.

Federal Minister for Inter-Provincial Coordination Fehmida Mirza said the government was passing ordinances as it was facing hurdles in the National Assembly.

“If we want to close the doors of corruption, then there is a need for proportionate representation,” the minister said, adding that all of the government’s allies had decided to support it in the polls.

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