Mohtarma Reham Khan busts Imran’s fake news about dollar rate

ISLAMABAD: Mohtarma Reham Khan took a stand after the rise in the value of the dollar and the criticism levelled against it. 

In a tweet, Reham said, “The intruder with the chair by 12 o ‘clock on April 9 is now saying that the dollar was 178 in March. Just ask from Imran Khan if there was $189 on April 7, even it was your government. Why didn’t you control the 11 rupees increase in 1 month?”

Earlier, ex-Prime Minister Imran Khan took a dig at the “neutrals” for Pakistan’s faltering economy which has seen instability since the new government took power in April.

Taking to Twitter, Imran Khan quoted the rising rate of the Dollar, inflation and stock market losses highlighting the current state of the economy.

“Rupee at all-time low Rs193/$ (from Rs178/ on 8 March); Interest rates at 15% highest since 1998; stock market down 3,000 pts or 6.4%; stock market lost Rs604 billion capitalisation; Inflation 13.4% highest since Jan 2020. Reflects lowest ever confidence in Imported government,” he said.

“Market awaiting policy & action, which Imported Govt has failed to provide. Both myself & Shaukat Tareen had warned the “Neutrals” that if conspiracy succeeded our fragile economic recovery would go into a tailspin. That is what has now happened,” he added.

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