Moderna COVID-19 vaccine almost 95% effective

US pharmaceutical company, Moderna has trialled a new COVID-19 vaccine on 30,000 people which shows an effectivity of almost 95%. 

Previously, Pfizer had also announced a vaccine with a similar success rate, however, Pfizer’s vaccine is required to be kept in extremely low temperatures which might not be suitable for countries like Pakistan. 

Taking to the microblogging site, Twitter, Pakistani whizkid Ali Moeen Nawazish said, “Moderna’s Vaccine (94.5% effective) can be at room temperature for 12 hours. 2-8 Celsius (Fridge Temperature) for up to 30 days! At -20 Celsius for 6 months!

“This is a breakthrough!! While Pfizer’s vaccine will also be needed to meet demand, it has to be stored at ultra low temperatures like -70 Celsius.”

“The overall effectiveness has been remarkable… it’s a great day,” Tal Zaks, who serves as the chief medical officer at Moderna, told BBC News.

Dr Stephen Hoge, Moderna’s Ceo said, “I don’t think any of us really hoped that the vaccine would be 94% effective at preventing Covid-19 disease, that was really a stunning realisation.”

Previously, Dr Atta ur Rehman, who advises PM Imran Khan had said that Pfizer’s vaccine would not be suitable for Pakistan. 

Pakistan has seen a sudden rise in COVID-19, with the Prime Minister urging the nation to wear masks and follow the government’s SOPs.

US NIAID Director, Dr Anthony Fauci also expressed trust in the success of the vaccines.

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