Minar e Pakistan Incident: Tiktoker Ayesha Akram complains of death threats, FIR registered

LAHORE: The woman Tiktoker Ayesha Akram, who was allegedly harassed, assaulted, and groped at Minar-e-Pakistan on Independence Day, filed a complaint which stated that she has been receiving death threats.

“I have been getting threatening calls and messages from unknown numbers,” she told the police. “I’m sure they [the callers] are Ali Shah’s friends, who is a Tiktoker from Rawalpindi.”

The woman added that Shah had been blackmailing her for a while.

An FIR has also been registered at the Shahdara police station under Section 25-D [penalty for causing annoyance] of the Telegraph Act, 1885.

Earlier, in another major development in the Minar e Pakistan harassment case, an alleged audio clip has surfaced during the probe that has exposed the extortion plan of Ayesha Akram and her partner Rambo.

According to the details, DIG Investigations Shariq Jamal got the audio recording from the mobile phone of Rambo, who had been dubbed as a saviour by the victim soon after the incident that shook the nation.

In an audio message, it can be heard that both planning to extort all suspects. The social media star told her partner that she identified six of the men during the parade. She then told her partner that the suspects can hardly pay 0.5 million as most of them belonged to underprivileged families.

After which her partner agreed to negotiate with the families of the suspects.

DIG Khan, following the new revelations, mentioned that the audio recording has been made a part of the case.

Earlier, Lahore police on Friday arrested Tiktoker Ayesha Akram’s friend Amir Sohail aka Rambo for allegedly manhandling and harassing her at Minar-e-Pakistan on Independence Day.

According to DIG Investigation Sharq Jamal Khan, six more accused along with Rambo have also been arrested by the police. He also said that Rambo was arrested by the police at the written request of victim Ayesha Akram.

In a written statement submitted to DIG Investigations, Ayesha Akram said that it was Rambo, who made the plan to visit Greater Iqbal Park on Independence Day, which later led to the horrific incident.

“Rambo used to blackmail me using some of my obscene videos he possessed,” she said adding that he had so far received Rs1 million from her through blackmailing tactics besides also regularly receiving half of her salary.

The female Tiktoker further alleged that Rambo used to run a TikTok gang along with his associate named Badshah.

Meanwhile, Police on Saturday produced Rambo and other suspects involved in the harassment case of TikToker Ayesha Akram to seek their physical remand.

While talking to the reporters, accused Rambo said that nothing could happen without the consent of a girl or a woman. He said the controversial videos that came to the limelight are one year old.

Rambo said she blackmailed him and forced him to say whatever she wanted him to say otherwise warned to get him throw in  jail.

On 14 August, a video of insulting, assaulting and harassing a female TikToker named Ayesha Akram, in Lahore, went viral on social media.

According to Ayesha, she was busy making a video with her colleagues when the mob attacked.

“However, the crowd was huge and people were scaling the enclosure and coming towards us. People were pushing and pulling me to the extent that they tore my clothes. Several people tried to help me but the crowd was too huge and they kept throwing me in the air,” she said.

The victim stated in her statement to the police that she went to make a video near Minar-e-Pakistan on Independence Day along with her six friends that’s when a huge mob of 300 to 400 people assaulted and harassed them.

She also stated that they strained to escape from the disturbing situation but all in the strain as the crowd was enormous and fierce.

It was also claimed in the statement to the Police that the people attacked them in such a way her clothes were even torn.

During the disturbing episode, her ring and earrings were also snatched, adding that a mobile phone of her friend, and some cash were also stolen, stated the TikToker.

Meanwhile, Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar also took notice of the incident of harassment of a woman in Lahore on Independence Day.

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