Meera’s performance results in firing incident in Faisalabad.

A firing incident occurred at Sabina Theatre near Chenab Chowk according to the theatre which has an occupancy of 800 people.

CCTV footage showed two men entering the theatre’s gate and firing aerial shots. The suspects stole the weapon of the security guard posted there.

It is so shocking and deeply saddening that bullets are being fired so openly in this country, said Meera while speaking to a news outlet. “Does this happen anywhere in the world?”

The actor remarked that the country’s security situation is becoming worse by the day.

The police have said that there are investigating the case, however no FIR has been filed yet.

Sabina Theatre is currently showcasing Meera’s new stage drama ‘Selfie Queen’.

The actor has already attended dance rehearsals for the play. The show is written and directed by M Safdar and Shahbaz Rashid.

The cast of the drama includes Azeem Vicky, Aslam Chatta, Shahid Hashmi, Gamma BA, Anisha Khan, Sheila Chaudhry, and Manahil Noor, among others.

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