Marketing – Advertisements Rates

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Introductory Package

The Pakistan Daily will write & publish a 200 word news story featuring your brand/company on our website and share it on our Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages. One social media embed and two pictures can be posted in the story.

Press Release/Feature

For a detailed press release or an exclusive feature of up to 800 words, The Pakistan Daily will conduct an interview of your representative, gathering the most important details and then write a specific piece based on your marketing goals. This can include profile pieces of individuals, a story about an event or a success story of a private business!

Video Coverage of Events

For video coverage of your events in Lahore, we can send a camera crew of two individuals which includes a reporter and a cameraman who will stay at your event for one hour. They will interview the relevant people at the event and make a video report which will be posted on The Pakistan Daily’s social media handles and YouTube channel.

Contact for detailed quotes on marketing campaigns and website advertisement tariffs.

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