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Manufacturing Permanent Dysfunctionality (Opinion)

Is Waqt Mulk Aik Nazuk Soorat e Haal Say Guzar Raha Hai, the country is going through a critical period. 

That critical period began since the formation of Pakistan and hasn’t ended 74 years later. 

Through skilled manoeuvres, the State of Pakistan has been wildly successful in manufacturing a state of permanent dysfunctionality where the Islamic Republic has always been at war, both within and without. 

War is a temple for opportunities and its practitioners in the land of the pure have ensured that such opportunities never cease to exist regardless of the fact that our neighbours, primarily India and China have ventured the far more profitable path of economics. 

But profitable for whom? What’s good for the people of Pakistan is not necessarily good for the people who have always ruled Pakistan. 

If Pakistan becomes a normal, peaceful and functional state, where would that leave men with guns whose utility will significantly diminish if there is peace?

Thus we have chosen the path of war and created our own strategic space. 

Let there be no mistake in acknowledging that Pakistan is amongst the most powerful countries in the world. 

We’ve got nuclear power, a formidable army and a national security apparatus capable of conducting any operation it deems fit not just in Pakistan but anywhere in the world. 

We have more influence than the superpower in Afghanistan as we speak. The US can’t dare to send its drones into our territory anymore. 

We’re the best mercenaries for hire, anywhere in the world, let’s put that at the top of our CV.  

Could the US have defeated the Soviets in Afghanistan without Pakistan? No chance! We know where our true value lies and aren’t afraid to exploit it even if the US President doesn’t want to talk to our PM now. 

Who cares? We’ve firmly decided the path we’ll take. PM Imran Khan terms a 3-time prime minister as a traitor but Osama Bin Laden as a martyr. 

Yes, for our Prime Minister, and for influential elements of our deep state, Osama Bin Laden who killed thousands of innocent civilians is a martyr because he has been a useful instrument of war. 

And Nawaz Sharif, who spoke of civilian supremacy, getting our house in order and peace with India is a traitor. What he called for is blasphemous! 

Blasphemy, yes, the ticking time bomb that serves as a frequent reminder of the impact our noble stratagems have had on our own populace. 

Priyantha Kumara was burnt alive because he’s not exactly the kind of foreign guest we are looking for. If he was a global terrorist mastermind, he might have found himself in a comfortable safe house unscathed until the Americans had their way with him. 

But Priyantha was an honest professional looking to lead a normal life in Pakistan. Unfortunately, our state can’t offer that to any citizen let alone a foreign national who makes the stupid mistake of assuming that they can lead a normal life in Pakistan. 

And the enablers of the ideology which killed Priyantha are garlanded with rose petals. They are our heroes too, lest we forget, we manufactured them with much discomfort only so they can help rid us of the farce of democracy, freedom of thought, speech, action or anything which makes a country functional. 

So what is one burnt Sri Lankan in front of our long term security goal to ensure that Pakistan remains at the crossroads for global conflict?

Do you think the people who control the parliament, the judiciary, the media and the bureaucracy can’t control violent, bloodthirsty mobs seeking to kill innocent people? 

In less than a minute, a firm order to contain all religious extremist groups of Pakistan can be given which can be implemented in 24 hours. Sure there will be push back but we can manage that too. 

It’s not as if the rulers are “duffers” as a brave soul termed them to be. In my humble opinion, they are geniuses, and I don’t mean it sarcastically. 

Most individuals belonging to the deep state are extremely intelligent, intellectual, well versed in culture, history, geography, strategy but most importantly, WAR. There is a method to this madness.

This is not about religion. Not for a moment. The ruling elite is as averse to religion in their personal lives as any global citizen might be. But fortunately for us, we are able to use religion for our long term goals and one burnt Sri Lankan isn’t going to stop us. 

What is the cost? That the world will say Pakistanis are extremists? That they won’t do business with us? That tourists will fear coming here? 

Welcome to the party! We’re already there, we’re known as amongst the most extreme and radical people in the world! Not to mention poor, but that’s only for the masses. Finance is not a problem for the people who really matter. 

Let the dollar go up to 500 rupees, or even a thousand. That would mean that any money we get for our humble services will be worth so much more! Besides, all the smart ones already have their wealth parked outside the jungle.

And if the people of Pakistan are unable to buy food or basic commodities, that’s great! Perhaps they’ll die of hunger and we’ll have lesser people to worry about. 

Do you think manufacturing chaos is easy? It takes decades of insurmountable efforts in order to ensure that everything is out of place. That the Parliament is a rubber stamp, that the judiciary is in control, that the civil society is handicapped, that the media fully complies, and that a normal Pakistani citizen considers it appropriate to take a selfie beside the burning body of an innocent man.

But what should be done if some journalists continue to speak the truth despite clear signs that honesty is a trait the State is not looking for in journalists?

We shoot them, sometimes in the head, sometimes on their back. If not, we kidnap and torture them. For the one’s for whom there is still hope, perhaps a “polite request”, after all, Apna hee bacha hai, bara ho kay samajh jaye ga

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