Malik Riaz to sue Hamza Azhar Salam over Farah Gogi’s travel doc

LAHORE/DUBAI: Malik Riaz Hussain has expressed his willingness to initiate legal action against journalist Hamza Azhar Salam for tweeting a travel document pertaining to Farah Gogi.

In a tweet, the billionaire tycoon addressed Hamza Azhar Salam and The Pakistan Daily as follows:

“The document you claim to be travel history is absolutely incorrect and seems fake. Any such document claiming to be flight manifest needs to be verified by CAA and relevant departments. There’s no official stamp or signatures from any relevant authority to prove its authenticity. Further to clarify and put facts straight, Ms Farhat Shahzadi did not travel on Bahria Town aircraft to any international destination as claimed. You’re using a fake document to malign me and my company in an irrelevant conspiracy.
Additionally you also claim being threatened by my company or myself, which is also not true as I don’t believe in routes other than legal, so I am serving you a legal notice for this contemptuous attempt. You’re asked to withdraw libellous contents and seek public apology failing which I will be taking the matter to courts.

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