Luxury Life: Usman Buzdar spent almost 1.5 crores on guests in Sahiwal

SAHIWAL/LAHORE: Chief Minister Punjab, Sardar Usman Bazdar’s visit to Sahiwal cost approximately Rs 13.2 million.

According to the sources privy to the developments, 80 guests from the Chief Minister’s hometown had arrived but the food was arranged for only 50 guests after which arrangements were made on an emergency basis for their accommodation and meals.

After receiving orders from the government, 69 VIP guests were accommodated in two luxury hotels on GT Road and Railway Road Sahiwal, including four women and 65 other guests.

Among the guests were Ahmad Farooq, Mohammad Tahir, Malik Taj Mohammad, Haji Khair Din, Salem Khan, Hayat Mohammad, Sardar Rehmat Khan, Kazim Khan, Haji Toor Khan Bazdar, Rafiq Hamad Bazdar, Malik Fayyaz, Malik Aziz, Malik Riaz, Dr. Haroon. Aziz Khan, Sardar Abdul Qadir Khan Khosa, Shakeel Khan, Haji Allah Bakhsh Korai with driver Zulfiqar Khan, Ali Abbas, Pir Bashir, Shuja Bashir, Owais Shuja, Tahir Khan, Mumtaz Khan Bhutto, Hafiz Muhammad Tahir Khan, Malik Ghulam Farid, Malikullah Bakhsh, Tayyab Sangi, Sardar Muhammad Akram, Azam Khan, Zubair Khan, Zaigham Khan, Makhdoom Akhtar, Munir Darwish, Saadullah, Hayat Khan, Haji Allah Yar, Sardar Rashid, Sardar Sher Khan, Haji Umar, Haji Khair Muhammad, Mohammad Jan, Taj Mohammad, Abdul Rahman Sial, Iqbal Bazdar, Ali Mohammad Banjrani, Jalal Omar Zain, Farooq Jafrani, Hafiz Abdul Qadir, Mansoor Ahmad Noor, Kazim Bazdar, Haji Mohammad Zahid, Haji Ghulam Shabir, Ramzan Shah, Khawaja Khidr, Mir Taza Bazdar, Lala Latif, Ata Sher Shair, Jalal, Asghar, Ziauddin, Naseem, Ruqiya, Andalib, Rukhsana Kanwal and Malik Mansoor.

While other guests were accommodated in the third hotel on GT Road, guests were also allowed to visit Harappa Museum and other places and government vehicles were used indiscriminately. Accommodation and meals of the guests cost more than Rs. 5 million.

The Chief Minister arrived by road, but the Highway Department M&R Division built 11 helipads for the Chief Minister and the Governor during the three days of the Chief Minister’s tenure, but one helipad came into operation at a cost of Rs 22 lakh.

The expenses of the department were borne by the department while the expenses of accommodation and food of the secretaries and other staff of the government departments were borne by the concerned departments.

Since the present government came to power, no road has been constructed in Sahiwal Tehsil and no development project. Citizens have demanded Prime Minister Imran Khan to take notice of these royalties and payments from the public exchequer.

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