Liz Truss to become UK’s new prime minister

LONDON: After a drawn-out contest, the country’s ruling Conservative Party on Monday picked Liz Truss to be its new leader and the U.K.’s new prime minister.

Truss, until now the U.K.’s foreign minister, beat rival Rishi Sunak, the country’s former finance minister, to win the leadership race.

With members of the Conservative Party asked to vote for their favourite candidate over the last few weeks, 81,326 members voted for Truss while 60,399 members voted for Sunak.

Turnout was 82.6% and, roughly, Truss has taken around 57% of the vote while Sunak achieved 42% of the vote.

Truss took to the stage to thank her supporters and ostensibly mentioned Boris Johnson, her “friend.” Saying she will govern as a Conservative, Truss said she intended to deliver “what we promised voters in 2019” and said she would push a “bold plan to cut taxes” and grow the British economy. She said she will deal with long-term issues regarding the country’s energy supply too.

Truss told delegates that she would deliver a victory for the party at the next election that’s expected in 2024.

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