Hamza Azhar Salam

Hamza Azhar Salam is the founder and editor of The Pakistan Daily. Mr Salam has a master’s degree in Interactive Journalism from City, University of London and has worked as a London Correspondent for Pakistan’s largest media outlet, Geo/The News. With over 500 bylines to his name which include stories for BBC, Haaretz, Israel Hayom, The Friday Times, ARY and Express Tribune, Mr Salam is considered to be one of the top investigative journalists of Pakistan. He can be reached at hamza@thepakistandaily.com and on Twitter.

Raja Furqan Ahmed

Raja Furqan Ahmed is the News Editor of The Pakistan Daily. Mr Ahmed is a young journalist who has written for various outlets including DAWN, Profit, Pakistan Today and The Nation. Mr Ahmed is responsible for the daily content published on The Pakistan Daily. He can be reached on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and at furqan@thepakistandaily.com / furqanraja1122@gmail.com.

Qamar Zaman Bhatti

Qamar Zaman Bhatti is the President of Punjab Union of Journalists and is currently a Special Correspondent for The Pakistan Daily. With almost 3 decades of journalism experience, Qamar Zaman Bhatti leads the Lahore team and produces daily exclusive video content for The Pakistan Daily.

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