Lal Masjid cleric Abdul Aziz says drinking tea is Haraam

ISLAMABAD: In a shocking development which has stunned the entire country, Maulana Abdul Aziz who once fled Lal Masjid dressed as a woman in a burka has declared that Muslims are not allowed to drink tea or kawa.

In a video statement, Aziz responded to criticism about his claim of tea being Haraam for Muslims.

He said: “A few days ago I made a statement that tea and Kawa are not allowed. Some friends made a controversy on this.”

Aziz used a Quranic verse to substantiate his point but users of social media weren’t convinced and considered this to be an attention gaining tactic by the infamous Mullah who has been sidelined after he was publicly caught dressed as a woman in a burka during the Lal masjid operation.

Aziz further went on to say that he was knowledgeable about the matter regarding tea and that he had researched this before issuing the direction.

Social media users ridiculed the Molvi who also supported the Islamic State, once upon a time.

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