Lahore High Court acquits Czech model in drug smuggling case

LAHORE: The Lahore High Court (LHC) on Monday acquitted a Czech model, Tereza Hluskova, who was arrested in 2018 on charges of attempting to smuggle heroin from Pakistan to Abu Dhabi.

According to the details, a division bench of the LHC, headed by Justice Ali Baqar Najfi, heard the case of the foreigner model.

In April 2, 2019, the Czech model had challenged her sentence in the Lahore High Court, stating that her case was not based on facts and the sentence “negated the true facts of the case”.

The model said that she was innocent and the trial court decision was contrary to the facts.

She further added that she came to Pakistan to work as a model and to learn Islamic studies and that someone put narcotics in her luggage.

In March 2019, Additional Sessions Judge Shehzad Raza sentenced the Czech model to eight years and eight months in prison along with fine in the drug smuggling case.

The foreigner was arrested from Lahore airport in 2018 while allegedly trying to smuggle eight-and-a-half kilograms of heroin.

Customs officials had registered a case against the accused. Nine witnesses had recorded their statements against the accused. Along with the model, four more accused were also named in the case.

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