Lack of COVID-19 SOPs at MTJ’s brand launch draws criticism

KARACHI: Molana Tariq Jamil’s luxurious brand launch at Mohatta Palace which saw hundreds of people in attendance was criticised by social media users due to a lack of COVID-19 SOPs.

The majority of the guests did not wear masks as shown in various pictures and videos shared of the magnanimous event, including, Molana Tariq Jamil.

The event was of the fashion brand launch was one of it’s kind with an opulent display estimated to cost millions of rupees just for display.

Meanwhile, other users pointed out the alleged hypocrisy in Molana Tariq Jamil entering the fashion industry.

One user said: “The one who preaches “dunya fani hai, is k peechay mat bhago “ is doing everything he forbade others to practice.”

Another Twitter user commented on MTJ’s earlier statement claiming that “lewd” women were the cause of COVID-19 when he himself was starting a fashion brand.

Molana Tariq Jamil’s fans jumped into his defence, claiming that the Molana was only selling high end fashion to support his religious business and that this was part of a diversification strategy like any big business conglomerate.

Earlier, a luxurious Lexus LX 570 which is worth crores of rupees with the number plate MTJ 1 without government registration came to light, depicting the humungous wealth of Molana Tariq Jamil who is one of the most popular and politically well connected religious speaker in Pakistan.

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