Katy Perry rescues beau Orlando Bloom

Katy Perry’s adorable tech-savvy moment while aiding Orlando Bloom has left its mark on social media and fans are in awe over the wholesome exchange.

Bloom upheld his reputation for being ‘terrible’ with social media when he called on Perry for tech support amid his socially-distant interview with former CNN Chief White House Correspondent, Jessica Yellin.

Katy Perry

The interaction will live on, on social media archives for life and in it, Bloom could even be heard saying, “How do I do this? How do I find Jessica? Why don’t you come here and show me. By the way, it’s quite amusing because Katy’s here going, ‘Wait a second.'”

Katy Perry

At that moment the Grammy award-winning singer swooped in to save the day and even gave fans a quick ‘hi’ before fixing Bloom’s little tech blunder, and vanishing as quickly as she appeared.

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