Kashmala Tariq’s accident victims forgive her and family in settlement

Victims forgive Kashmala Tariq’s son for the sake of Allah

ISLAMABAD: The families of the victims have agreed to forgive Kashmala Tariq’s son Azlan Khan for the sake of Allah after the horrible accident which took place in the sector G-11, Islamabad when Tariq’s protocol vehicles including a government car broke a traffic light and killed four people after driving recklessly.

Agreement between Kashmala Tariq’s family and families of the vitcims

According to the agreement, the victim’s family agreed not to use any legal platform in the future.

While speaking about the accident Kashmala said that she was upset over the loss of lives of the children who were in the car that her convoy hit. “We have children ourselves too. There is no substitute for human lives,” she stressed. “It was a terrible accident and I feel sadness in my heart for the children who lost their lives.”

“We experienced a sudden shock and push and got injured. The driver was unable to control the car,” adding that “It was a terrible accident,” she stated.

Tariq said her son was in the car behind hers, while she and her husband were in the same one. “This whole matter is being blamed on my son but the driver was unable to control the car.

This comes as, Kashmala Tariq’s protocol vehicles including a government car broke a traffic light and killed four people after driving recklessly in sector G-11, Islamabad.

Waqas Khan, who recently married Kashmala Tariq in an uber-luxurious ceremony was also present in the cars.

Kashmala Tariq currently serves as the Federal Ombudsperson for Protection against Harassment of Women while hubby Waqas Khan owns the Best Western Hotels in Pakistan.

Kashmala Tariq with hubby, Waqas Khan.

According to the reports, the five vehicles giving protocol to Kashmala Tariq, her hubby and son Azlan Khan crashed into another vehicle and motorcycle. The Pakistan Daily can confirm that Ms Kashmala Tariq’s son and husband were present in a Lexus with a number plate of WX 077 while an official government Fortuner with a green number plate of GAH 555 was also present at the scene.

The incident initially came to light when footage of the accident began circulating on social media.

The police also confirmed that the former MNA’s protocol vehicles broke the sector G-11 traffic signal and collided into two vehicles, killing four people and injuring two others.

Islamabad police official further added in their tweets: “A tragic accident took place at the G11 signal in which four people lost their lives and two are injured and shifted to the hospital. The Police and traffic police are at the spot. The police are trying to contact the families of the deceased and injured.”

Adding that: “The driver and vehicle are in police custody. The police will act in accordance with the law and proceed legally against those responsible.” One of the vehicles had a government number plate, the police said. Tariq’s husband and son were also in one of the vehicles.

Raja Furqan Ahmed

Raja Furqan Ahmed is the News Editor of The Pakistan Daily.

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