Judicial magistrate directs officials to ensure the compete on granite extraction, summons officials & miners on Jan 6

MITHI: The Civil Judge and the Judicial Magistrate of Nagarparkar taking strong notice of the ongoing unabated granite extraction from Charinda village and some other points in Parkar region has ordered the officials of the district administration to confiscate the heavy machinery of the mining companies and also directed the officials of both Kohinoor and FWO companies to appear in his court on January 6 to explain their position that as to why they were still busy in the extraction despite the ban imposed on such activities.

Judge Karam Ali Shah in his notices issued to the officials on Tuesday directed the deputy commissioner Tharparkar, Assistant Commissioner Nagarparkar, SSP Tharparkar, Wing Commander of Thar Rangers and other officials of Tharparkar district to ensure the complete ban on the granite extraction at the Karoonjhar hills and also asked them to take actions against those involved in such illegal activities at the historical sites.

He stated that as per the strict orders of the double bench of Sindh High Court, keeping in view the sanctity of the hills, the unconditional affection of the nature lovers with Karoonjhar and the deep concerns expressed by the local people no company should be allowed to carry on with such activities to further damage the hills.

Mr Shah also directed government officials to produce a detailed report about the extraction from the hills, first by confiscating the heavy machinery being used to extract the stones by damaging the sites of Karoonjhar. He asked the revenue and police to stop the vehicles loaded with granite and gravel and offload them if they were found carrying such material away from the area.

Mr Shah in his official letters addressed to the officials observed that it was totally illegal to damage the hills, which had great historical, religious and archaeological significance adding he stated that nobody should be allowed to damage such sites.

The leaders of the Karoonjhar Sujag Forum including Allah Rakhio Khoso, Zulfikar Ali, Mustafa Dal and eminent activists including Krishan Sharma, Fakir Arshad Kumbhar and others thanked Mr Shah for taking notice of the protests against the extraction of granite from Karoonjhar hills and hoped that such orders would be complied with by officials in true letter and spirits.

The leaders also hoped that the Chief Justice of Pakistan Mr Justice Gulzar Ahmed would also visit the hills and damaged sites during his scheduled visit to Thar early next month. They said that they would try their best to meet M Gulzar and appraise him of the whole situation especially after he had issued remarks and debunked the high-ups of Sindh government over the ongoing extraction during the hearing in the apex court in Karachi on Monday.

They said that it was the achievement of the people of Tharparkar and all lovers of Karoonjhar that matter was taken up at the highest judicial forum of the country and hoped that members of Thar Bar Council would also take up the issue of Karoonjhar with Chief Justice of Pakistan during his stay in Tharparkar.

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