Journalist Amna Ali harasses woman with dog in Islamabad

ISLAMABAD: Journalist Amna Ali has been described as a “Pakistani Karen” after she harassed a woman who was peacefully walking her dog on a road in Islamabad.

Oozing of privilege and self-righteousness, Amna Ali began to record the woman without her permission whilst saying: “By the way, there is a trend in Islamabad that people bring their dogs to walking tracks and walk with them. If you want to walk your dog, take them to an open space. Now look this dog is harassing me, he is looking at me from behind.”

She continued her rant complaining about people who bring dogs to the walking track sharing her apprehensions about any untoward incident which may occur.

Twitterati exploded in fury after Amna Ali’s harassment campaign against the innocent woman who held the dog on the leash and kept a reasonable distance from Amna Ali.

Nida Rasheed questioned where the people of Islamabad were supposed to walk their dogs since there weren’t many options in Islamabad.

Another user stated that Amna was the harasser since she made a video of someone without permission.

“I ask you this, aren’t dogs or cats or any living being with a soul less than one another? This is pure harassment, if this would have been anywhere State side or Europe, you would be getting a Legal Notice!” a user wrote in response to Amna Ali’s obnoxious behaviour.

Considering Amna Ali’s privileged behaviour, Twitter user Awais Khan Marwat suggested that the Islamabad administration should provide another carpeted track for Miss Amna “which she will use solely for her walk”.

While the majority of Pakistanis ridiculed Amna Ali for her rude, conceited and privileged behaviour, others supported her, saying that she was justified in raising this point.

Journalist Javeria Siddique who is a dog owner herself agreed with Amna, saying that “dogs are unpredictable and they shouldn’t allow on normal track or parks”.

Journalist Asiya Ansar stated that the lady was walking the dog on the leash in an open space, suggesting that there was nothing wrong with that however, Amna Ali continued to complain, saying that the purpose of walking was to relax, not to feel scared after every few minutes by dogs who “looked at her”.

The Pakistan Daily reached out to Amna Ali with a request for comment and asked her how she thought a dog looking at her constituted harassment but she did not respond to a request for comment as of the filing of this report.

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