Javeria Abbasi’s ex-husband Shamoon is also her step-bro

In a story fit for a shocking television serial, famous actress revealed that her real-life ex-husband, Shamoon Abbasi is also her stepbrother, since Shamoon’s father had married Javeria’s mother.

Javeria narrated this flabbergasting story in a local talk show whilst demanding people not to pity her for being a single mother.

“Javeria’s mother and Shamoon’s father got married. Javeria and Shamoon were step-siblings,” the host explained as Javeria Abbasi nodded. “People get really confused with this story,” Javeria said, adding: “I don’t want to create any confusion. The rest of our siblings were from our mother and father. That’s why people get really confused whether Anoushey Abbasi is my sister or Shamoon’s. She’s both of our sister.”

Here, Nida quipped, “So take your mind out of the gutter. Javeria had already come clean about how she tied the knot with Shamoon. He was the first guy she ever saw.”

Javeria said that Shamoon was the first man she ever saw and she thought that she wanted to “just hold onto him”. She mentioned that the idea was that the entire family could share a house and it worked for them.

Javeria Abbsi recalled that she had to go to her maternal uncle’s house to get married. “I had to come back to the same house so rukhsati happened from my mamoo’s,” Javeria remarked. The couple, who was married for 10 years, co-parent a daughter Anzala.

Javeria was only 17 when she got married to Shamoon who was 22. Commenting on their divorce, she said: “Sometimes, things just do not work out. You feel as you mature, you could have done better.”

Social media users had mixed reactions to this complex family dynamic that is no less than any thriller.

Activist Usama Khilji wrote: “This is disgusting. Step siblings are called siblings for a reason. After gross cousin marriages, Pakistanis are justifying marriages to step siblings. This pollutes any safety that step siblings should feel at home & takes it to a new level of convenience.”

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