Jahangir Tareen might go back to Pakistan soon: Sources

LONDON/ISLAMABAD: Former PTI secretary general Jahangir Khan Tareen might go back to Pakistan after spending several months in his plush farmhouse in Newbury, UK.

Sources close to the sugar baron claim that Jahangir Tareen is planning a comeback which might be a cause of distress for the PTI government he had helped create.

Jahangir Tareen had played an important role in convincing several political heavyweights to join the PTI before the 2018 elections to ensure that the party won the maximum seats.

Tareen had also convinced independent lawmakers to join PTI after the 2018 elections which ensured that the PTI formed the federal government and Imran Khan became Prime Minister.

PML-Q also enjoys a close relationship with Tareen but after Tareen was targetted in a sugar enquiry report and fled the country, the relationship with the PML-Q also soured.

It was previously claimed that Tareen had threatened the government of raising sugar prices to over 100 rs per kilo if he was targeted. Today, the sugar prices per kilo are 115 rs.

It is unclear whether Tareen will be arrested when he goes to Pakistan.

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