International Day of Education

In honour of education’s contribution to peace and development, the United Nations General Assembly declared January 24 to be the International Day of Education.

Countries will not succeed in attaining gender equality and ending the cycle of poverty that is leaving millions of children, youth, and adults behind without inclusive and equitable quality education and lifelong opportunities for everyone.

Prioritize education when making investments in people.
The UN’s 2030 Agenda for people, planet, and prosperity, which consists of 17 interconnected goals, will be reviewed at the SDG Summit in September on the topic of investing in people at the halfway point in the year 2023.

This year’s Day calls for sustaining strong political mobilisation around education and figuring out how to turn commitments and global efforts into reality, building on the global momentum created by the UN Transforming Education Summit in September 2022. In light of the current global recession, widening inequality, and the climate issue, education must be given priority to advance toward all of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Currently, 244 million kids and teenagers are not in school,One thing you cannot sacrifice is your education. On a local, national, and international level, we must work on education. It is disappointing to learn that reading habit is not the priority in Pakistan. The percentage of readers is rapidly dwindling. How can we lead if we are illiterate? Numerous reasons, including covid and financial restraints, contribute to the sky-high dropout rate. People prefer food to education.

The majority of people in Pakistan live in poverty. How are they going to receive an education if they can’t use their fundamental rights? Take use of education’s power today. People who receive education alter their lives. improve their lives and their status.To create more literate and contributing members of society, we must update our educational policies. The best answer to many issues will ultimately be education.

There are many job opportunities in the modern world, but our pupils lack the skills necessary to land prominent positions in the workforce.

Our educational system needs to work very hard to advance. In contrast to other nations, which invest far more in education, Pakistan devotes a very little portion of their budget to this area.
We must put education first if we want to be accepted by the world.

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