Inside story of Lord Nazir, Tahira Zaman affair which led to Nazir’s resignation

LONDON: Lord Nazir Ahmed, who frequently represented the Pakistani community in various issues has resigned after a House of Lords report held that he had breached the code of conduct expected of a peer.

Lord Nazir, who was made a life peer in 1998 is the first ever Lord to quit the House of Lords after his expulsion was recommended.

TPD Investigations Desk has found evidence reflecting that any physical relationship Lord Nazir had with Tahira Zaman was fully consensual, without pressure or influence imposed on the latter.

Tahira Zaman (left), Lord Nazir (right)

To save the disgrace of being expelled, Lord Nazir decided to resign himself after allegations of sexual misconduct surfaced against him.

Lord Nazir, from Rotherham had allegedly taken advantage of a vulnerable woman who came to him for help after she had a problem with a faith healer.

The House of Lords found that Lord Ahmed used his position to sexually exploit Tahira Zaman who only asked him to assist him with making a complaint with the Metropolitan Police.

It has been alleged that Lord Ahmed continiously asked Tahira Zaman for dinner at his home, to which she finally agreed.

The sex was also consensual but after Lord Ahmed refused to leave his wife for Tahira, she filed a complaint against him.

Tahira Zaman, ex girl friend, Lord Nazir

The Commissioner for Standards who conducted the investigation on the allegations against Lord Ahmed said, “I find that Lord Ahmed exploited Ms Zaman emotionally and sexually even though he knew she was receiving treatment for anxiety and depression. This exacerbates the seriousness of his breaches of the Code”.

Tahira Zaman said in an interview, “I was looking for help and he took advantage of me, he abused his power.”

Tahira Zaman also claimed that Lord Ahmed once groped her thighs in an East London restaurant which she considered sexual assault and subsequently broke off all contact with him.

But after being encouraged by a friend and persistent compliments by Lord Ahmed, she went to his home for dinner, after which, they engaged in sexual intercourse.

Tahira Zaman said, “He was saying I’m beautiful and, you know, he really likes me.”

The Commissioner for Standards concluded in the findings, “I find that it is more likely than not that Ms Zaman went to Lord Nazir’s house at his invitation to discuss the offer made by the police to meet her.

“However, he had no intention of forwarding her concerns to the police and his use of the offer of a meeting made in the letter from the police to lure Ms Zaman to his house was dishonest.”

Tahira Zaman entered into a relationship with Lord Ahmed which lasted for two months but after Lord Ahmed’s refusal to leave his wife, she claimed that she was exploited.

Lord Carlile QC said, “If someone comes to you for help, particularly if they’re vulnerable and you form a sexual relationship, actually that’s disgraceful.”

Lord Ahmed, who is considered to be close to the government of Pakistan is worth over £200,000 has made history by becoming the first peer to resign in such a manner.

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