Insensitive Zulfi asks protesting Hazaras what benefit they can give to PM Khan

QUETTA: Prime Minister Imran Khan’s blue-eyed special assistant, Zulfi Bukhari made a faux pas when he asked protesting Hazara’s who had lost 11 people what benefit they would give to Imran Khan if he came to console them.

In a video which has now gone viral on social media, Zulfi can be heard talking to protestors in an arrogant and insensitive manner after they had lost almost a dozen people in a terrorist attack.

“What benefit will you give (to PM Khan) if he comes?” Zulfi can be heard saying.

The protestors reply that the Prime Minister should come to show solidarity with the victims of terrorism but Zulfi continues arguing with them instead of showing any consideration to the Hazara community who have lost countless lives.

Zulfi’s comments drew ire on social media with users criticising the lack of sensitivity on the part of Zulfi Bukhari who has been involved in several controversies in the past.

Social Activist Nida Kirmani said: “It’s bad enough that Imran Khan did not bother to visit the Hazara protesters; he didn’t need to send Zulfi Bokhari to insult them with his idiocy. #ShiaHazaraCallsPMIK

Journalist Aima Khosa said that Zulfi’s statements amount to acceptance that PM Khan is a puppet.

“Maybe by asking “what good will the PM’s visit do?” Zulfi was actually reminding the protestors that Imran is nothing but a puppet….and what good can puppets do?” she said.

PML-N parliamentarian Maiza Hameed said: “Unbelievable! Do these ppl really have no heart?? I am ashamed today and heartbroken for the ppl of Hazara and the ppl of Pakistan! Adding insult to injury! He sends zulfi bukhari who asks them what will they do for Imran khan if he comes”.

Zulfi Bukhari did not respond to a request for comment as of the filing of this report.

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