Infectious disease expert Aliza Ayaz explains Pfizer vaccine’s suitability in Pakistan

LONDON: Aliza Ayaz, who is currently studying a master’s degree in Infectious Disease Epidemiology from the prestigious, University College London (UCL) has explained that Pfizer’s vaccine might not be the most suitable for Pakistan.

In an exclusive conversation with The Pakistan Daily, the young infectious disease expert said, “This vaccine is good news and it has been announced that this vaccine has a success rate of 90%. However, what needs to be clarified is that Pfizer’s vaccine is still in the preliminary stage.

“This is the first stage among three of this vaccine trial which has been tested on over 40,000 people. Only a hundred people suffered side effects so this shows that it is a good vaccine.”

Reiterating the doubts expressed by Dr Atta ur Rehman who presently serves as the Chairman of Prime Minister’s Taskforce on Science and Technology, Aliza said that it still remained to be seen whether this vaccine was suitable for Pakistan.

Aliza further mentioned that China was also preparing a vaccine which has been trialed on Chinese people who had different genetics from Pakistan.

“The strains of COVID-19 are changing. Like there is a new strain of measles and flu every year which requires a new vaccine, the same could be the case with COVID-19,” the young student said.

Aliza said that China’s vaccine might be better for Pakistan but she held that it was still premature to say which vaccine would be most suitable for the country.

Aliza who is also a world renowned environmental activist urged the Pakistani nation to continue wearing masks to save lives.

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